Naruto refuses to be a ninja fanfiction

Stronger, more mature Naruto. .

Three months into Naruto's training trip Jiraiya must leave him behind to go to check on a situation in Iwa, leaving Naruto to his own devices. Someone else comes along and offers Naruto a chance to drop his mask and become stronger. Watch what happens to Naruto as a small change in Jiraiya's wanderings causing huge changes in Naruto's life. This one time, he wanted to be normal, like everybody else. He says most of the tips have been field tested. Naruto, being as hardheaded as ever, is unwilling to give up, meaning that he has to train himself "If you're going to live as a ninja, live wiser. This is a re-upload of YinShadow's "Maelstorm Overlord" which he deleted five years ago. "Naruto, Go train on your charka control then once you can reace the control Ievel I want you be at then I will teach you some jutsus "My Charka control is way better then Sasuke and Sakura-chanand you teach them things The team, with help from the Sand Siblings, killed all four members of Orochimaru's elite guards the Sound Four along with the fifth member Kimimaro Kaguya who succumbed to a disease he had according to Gaara.

Naruto refuses to be a ninja fanfiction

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Resulting in an eruption. Let's get this show on the road. Uzumaki Naruto is a Ray of Sunshine. I only used enough Chakra to knock him out. March of Strife. Naruto has had enough.

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It may not sound like what your looking for but Naruto doesn't want to be a shinobi and pretty much only goes along with it because he has no choice By an overgrown tree stretching dozens of meters into the clear sky was the statue of a 10-year-old boy. "I bring news from Uzumaki Naruto!" A chuckling rung throughout the hall, as the forty members of the High. Naruto was hungry.

He learns the real truth behind his family, why everyone is cold towards him and what it means to be Uzumaki Naruto! Rated: Fiction M - English - Adventure/Drama - Naruto U - Chapters: 9 - Words: 54,222 - Reviews. Naruto - Light Ninja By: RaccoonLeague.

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